The Stakes are High: How to Find the Best Fence Contractor in Idaho

Spring is here and summer is quick on its heels. This can only mean one thing: It’s time to tackle those backyard projects you’ve been putting off all winter long!

Is adding a fence to your property high on your list? You might be interested in one to add privacy to your home, mark your property line, or simply beautify your landscaping. 

Either way, it pays to partner with the right team. When you work with the best fence contractor in your area, you can feel confident that your new outdoor installation will be attractive, high-quality, and built to last.

Want to be the talk of the neighborhood, for all the right reasons? Read on to learn the steps to take and questions to ask to help you find the top fencing crew in Idaho’s Treasure and Magic Valleys. 

Ask for References and Recommendations

As you’re building a list of potential fence contractors to research and review, it can help to ask friends, family members and colleagues if they’ve recently used a team that they would recommend. 

Beyond asking them in person, you can also reach out over the internet using a tool such as the Facebook Recommendations feature. This way, you can expand your reach and garner feedback from a wider group of followers. 

Looking for more unbiased advice from locals in your area? You can also check out the online reviews and client feedback that most reputable fencing providers will post directly on their website. 

Begin by searching for a relevant term, such as “fence contractor near me”. From there, you can click on the top few companies that appear near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If they’ve been in the business for a while and are well-respected in the area, it should be easy to find customer testimonials right on their website. Or, you can also check their online business profiles on sites such as Google My Business. 

Today, research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations from people they know. While it’s important to use your own discernment when reading these reviews, they can help point you in the right direction. Moreover, they usually include firsthand insights on a particular team’s professionalism, attention to detail, neatness, and other important details. 

At Butte Fence, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built inside and around our community. We welcome you to scroll through our testimonials to learn more about what our satisfied homeowners have to say about our service, products, and installation practices. 

Set Your Budget

You don’t want to perform days of research and hours of due diligence only to find that the contractor you want doesn’t offer a single solution in your price range. To avoid this overwork, one of your first steps should be to set a budget.

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on your fence installation, as well as any upgrades or special features you want to pay for. In addition to the initial installation, also consider what you’ll need to pay in terms of future maintenance and upgrades. Certain fencing products, such as vinyl, are easier to clean and care for than others, and this may help you restrict your search to only those options. 

Not sure how to set a number? In your quest to find local recommendations, ask about affordability and average costs. Then, consider what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay for a high-quality installation. 

Use this figure as a gauge when comparing different companies so you can immediately see which ones are way over or far below your bottom-line number. Yet, don’t let price be the only factor you consider. Many established companies will work with you to find a solution you can afford, offering financing options and other payment features to earn your business. 

Check Credibility

Checking online and asking for recommendations can help you establish a short list of local fencing companies to research further. 

Your next step should be to dig a little deeper into the credibility of each fencing business you’re considering. Before you welcome an installation crew into your home, you want to make sure the company is legitimate and well-respected within the industry.

One of the first and most important places you can reference to verify this information? The Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

If the contractor in question is accredited with the BBB and has a solid rating, that’s a major step in the right direction. On the BBB website, you can learn more about each company’s history, along with their contact information. Here, you can also access additional client reviews, as well as any complaints that have been filed against the company. 

Our team has been accredited with the BBB since 1992. We also hold an A+ rating, which is the highest possible rating on the platform. This designation alone speaks volumes about our professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction. 

Review Online Photo Galleries

In today’s Digital Era, every reputable business should have at least some form of online presence. If the fence contractor you’re considering is impossible to find on the internet, keep looking until you find one that is. 

While they don’t necessarily need to have a website filled with tech-savvy bells and whistles, it should be sleek, well-designed and easy to navigate. Here, you can find stores of information about the products they provide, their company history, and important contact details.

Another page to look for? An online photo gallery!

Most companies that provide homeowner services, from interior designers to landscapers, will have a digital portfolio that shows off their craftsmanship and speaks to their expertise. You can find ours under our Projects Gallery page.

Here, we’ve posted myriad pictures of projects that we’ve completed in a wide range of categories, from fencing and decks to docks and patio covers. There are no catalog copies or stock images here. Instead, you’ll find clear, high-definition images of real products that we’ve supplied and an array of beautiful finished landscapes. 

If you’re eyeing a particular contractor but can’t find examples of their past work anywhere, ask if they can email you those images or send them to your phone. While this can be beneficial, it’s still smart to stick with a team that makes these images easy to find. Along those lines, if the images you receive are extra-small, super grainy or in otherwise poor shape, request better-quality copies or redirect your search.

In addition to a company website, some contractors will also have a social media presence. If you can find them on Facebook or Instagram, their business page might also include additional photos of their past work. You can also check here to discover more reviews, business updates, and contact details.

Ask About Business Licenses

You’ve narrowed your list down to a handful of premium fencing contractors in your Idaho community. Now, it’s time to contact each one directly and ask a few important questions. 

Before you even dive into your inquiries, take note of who answers the phone. 

You should never be met with a vague, generic answer on the other end of the line. A legitimate fence contractor will answer the phone professionally and mention the name of the company when you call. If you’re calling after hours, you should hear a professional voicemail, complete with the company’s name and contact information. 

Prior to discussing services, products or price, one of the first questions you should ask is: Do you hold a current business license? The contractor should be able to provide you with their specific license numbers, along with expiration dates, renewal dates and other relevant information. 

If you experience any sort of pushback to this question, continue your search elsewhere. Why? It’s never a good idea to team with any home contractor that isn’t licensed. 

Not only is this a red flag against a business’ credibility, but it could also mean bringing an inexperienced team to your home that could cause damage to your property. Most contractors will post this information directly on their website so there are no questions about their legitimacy, but if you can’t locate it, it’s important to ask.

Want to check to ensure a business license number is valid and current? The Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses has a handy lookup tool to help you verify it in seconds. 

Inquire About Company History

Everyone has to start somewhere, but you don’t want a team of inexperienced fence installers showing up to work on your pristine property. 

Take the time to find a company that has a well-earned reputation in your area and years of industry experience. This means that all team members will be up-to-date on all required certifications, safety training, best practices and more. 

In your due diligence, you’ll find that Butte Fence has been in operation since 1994. We started as a two-man team in Paul, Idaho and added our Boise branch one year later in 1995. We’ve continued to grow since then, opening our Twin Falls location in 2007. Now, we have more than 30 employees on staff, along with a team of dedicated and certified subcontractors. 

Today, we’re one of the largest vinyl fence companies in the west and well-known throughout the nation as a top-tier facility. We’re open to fielding any questions about our company history and the path we’ve taken to get here. If the fence contractor you’re interviewing is hesitant to discuss the same details, this could be a sign that it’s time to inquire with a different team.

Check Fencing Options

You want the fence contractor you hire to be reputable, professional and esteemed in the industry. Yet, you also need to make sure that they can supply you with the products you need!

In your quest to find the right team, be sure to ask about the different fencing products they can provide. While we started out as a vinyl fence company, we’ve since expanded our inventory and capabilities to include a vast array of options, including:

  • Wood fencing
  • Ornamental wrought iron fencing
  • Concrete stone fencing
  • Aluminum fencing
  • Privacy fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Ranch rail fencing
  • Agricultural fencing
  • Chain link fencing

In addition, we also develop and engineer other outdoor products, including patio covers and gazebos. Our product selection also includes boat docks, decking, pergolas and more. In other words, we’re your one-stop-shop when it’s time to transform your exterior! 

Inquire about the kinds of solutions your prospective contractor can provide and install. You shouldn’t feel forced to hire a team that can’t give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Ask Detailed Product Questions

In addition to ensuring that the contractor can provide the products you need, you should also feel comfortable asking in-depth questions about those products. In turn, the employees you connect with should be able to speak confidently and knowledgeable about the solutions they sell.

For instance, we’re happy to talk extensively about modern vinyl fencing, especially as it grows in popularity as a durable and attractive material.

Wondering if it’s strong enough to hold up against those famed Pacific Northwest winds? Curious about its composition or range of available colors? We provide an extensive FAQ section on our website to address your most pressing inquiries, and we’re always available to discuss any detail further when you call us!

Better yet, you can always visit our showrooms to see samples of certain products in person. We have a variety of samples on display in both our Meridian and Twin Falls facilities. Visiting a contractor’s brick-and-mortar location is a great way to see materials up close and discern what sets them apart from the rest.

If the representative you connect with online, over the phone or in person cannot talk in great detail about the products that their company provides, you could be communicating with an inexperienced team. Everyone, from the marketing staff to the CEO, should serve as a brand advocate and be well-versed on the company product line. 

Review the Installation Process

So far, everything is lining up. You’ve narrowed your options down to a few top fence contractors who are credible, well-reviewed and able to provide the design you want.

Now, it’s time to inquire about how the actual installation process will work. Does the team always send its own crews, or will there be subcontractors sent to your site? Either approach is valid, but you should know what to expect.

During the same conversation, ask if the contractor guarantees its work. If so, how long are those guarantees valid? 

Butte Fence provides a five-year guarantee on all of our vinyl fence installations and patio covers. In addition, we guarantee our wood fences and decking solutions for one year. We also provide excellent product and labor warranties. 

Discuss Your Schedule

Are you speaking with a contractor who tells you that you’ll have to wait two to three weeks before they can send a team to your home for an appointment? Are they only available to meet during a short, strict timeframe or a certain day out of the week?

If so, move on to a team that’s established and flexible to work with your schedule, not ask you to conform to theirs. A smaller company might only have the bandwidth to handle a small number of clients at a time. While this isn’t exactly a reason to run, it could mean waiting far longer than you need to. 

If you’re itching to update your lawn in time for summer barbecues, hearing that a certain contractor is four months out could be a no-go. Be sure to ask about the contractor’s current workload and availability before committing to give them any work.

Even if they can begin right away, ask how long the actual project will take to complete. Knowing the number of days required to do the build can help you plan ahead to make sure your fence is installed in time for your upcoming outdoor events.

Understand How Estimates Work

Be wary of any fence contractor who tries to get you to commit to a project and price over the phone. Look for a company that takes the time to visit your home, survey your property, and understand your project goals in full.

Even then, don’t settle for a verbal quote only. After performing this initial consultation, a reliable contractor will provide you with a written estimate, free of charge. Within the estimate, you should see an itemized list of the materials you’re receiving, along with the labor required to install them. If you receive an estimate that only includes one, fixed-price line item, you won’t be able to tell what you’re really buying and could end up signing off on a solution that doesn’t align with your needs, budget or expectations. 

If you’ve waited more than a week to receive this estimate, contact them and request an update. With this information in hand, you should have enough information to review the quote, compare it with any others you’ve received, and make an educated decision. 

Upon request, a representative from our Butte Fence sales staff will visit any home within a 100-mile radius of our location. After conducting an on-site consultation, we’ll provide you with a free written estimate within one to five business days depending on the scale of your project. 

Assess In-Person Professionalism

When a contractor sends their team to your home to perform an initial estimate, this is an ideal time to gauge how the company presents itself. 

Are the technicians or sales staff clean cut and professionally dressed? Do they show up on time or let you know if they’re running late? Are they respectful and patient, even if you ask a dozen or more questions? 

Installing a fence on your property is a major investment and one that requires great consideration. That said, you should feel comfortable asking as many questions as you want to make sure that you understand the project in complete detail. Never settle for a company that rushes you into making a decision, or threatens to disqualify you from certain promotions if you don’t act quickly. 

You deserve the opportunity to mull over this decision, consult your family, and inquire about every facet of the project. Some of the most helpful questions to ask include:

  • How high does my fence need to be?
  • How do you handle sloped yards, rocky terrains and other landscaping issues?
  • Does my estimate include the cost of any gates or hardware?
  • Do you offer any payment terms or financing plans?
  • Are you currently running any specials or promotions?
  • What steps should I take to prepare my property for installation?

These are only a few examples of the details you can research. Find a team with qualified personnel on staff who can answer each inquiry expertly, clearly and politely.

Team Up With the Best Fence Contractor in Idaho 

For more than 25 years, our team at Butte Fence has helped clients across Idaho install beautiful, long-lasting fences around their homes. During this time, we’ve established ourselves a go-to fence contractor in the state, with a focused presence in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley regions. 

Are you ready to join our long list of satisfied customers? If so, you don’t have to spin your wheels on companies that can’t match our level of service. Your curb appeal is directly tied to the aesthetics and resale value of your home, so the stakes are too high to settle for a sub-par provider. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your custom fence installation. We’re here and ready to connect, so let’s take this next step together.

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