Custom Pergolas
& Gazebos

Custom-Designed Pergolas
Have a unique beauty that surpasses that of most standard awnings. They have a very sculptural and architectural design, and they can help create visual interest in an otherwise basic backyard. Many different styles of pergolas are available, ranging from simple, modern designs to ornate, elaborate, and elegant structures.

Pergolas provide shade
Although they look somewhat unfinished to the untrained eye, pergolas do provide shade. The size of the beams and their spacing will determine exactly how much shade is provided, though a pergola on its own can never create a fully shaded space.

Pergolas are durable and low maintenance
If you choose a vinyl product, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or deterioration. Vinyl pergolas don’t chip, peel, splinter, warp, rot, fade, or become discolored. Unlike wood pergolas, they aren’t susceptible to termites and other wood-boring insects, and they don’t require annual staining or frequent maintenance. Plus, they aren’t treated with harmful chemicals, making them safe for your family and the environment.

Pergolas are affordable
Pergolas are inexpensive and easy to build, but they have a big impact on your yard, especially if you add climbing flowers or other plants.

Pergolas are well-loved by gardeners
Because they provide a medium for displaying lovely landscaping features like climbing flowers, vines, and ivy.

Pergolas define your outdoor space 
Because pergolas are open and airy, you can accomplish this without making the space feel smaller or more confined. Typically the ground under the pergola is topped with some sort of flooring, whether that’s brick flooring, concrete pavers, or even a deck. When you combine the flooring with the pergola’s pillars and beams, you can further define your outdoor living space.

Custom-Designed Gazebos
Are the ultimate in luxury garden accessories and add a great look to any residential backyard or commercial property setting. At Butte Fence, our vinyl gazebos come in 8’, 10’ or 12’ diameters and are eight sided. These attractive yard structures can also be built with or without a deck. Other design gazebo options include railing, valance and cupola styles.

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