If you love sailing, boating, and other water activities, and have a waterfront property, consider installing your very own boat dock. With a new dock, you have eyes on it and have peace of mind that you can protect it yourself from being damaged, stolen or vandalized as it could be at the marina. You can enjoy a full day out on the water when you avoid the time lost going to and from the marina. And with a new dock, your boat is ready when you are, not to mention you don’t have to contend with marina rental fees or crowds.

At Butte Fence, boat docks are offered in three different styles.

Traditional Construction uses an ACE float, pressure treated wood substructure, and a maintenance free composite top. ACE floats have foam cores encased by hard plastic and are approved by the Army Corp of Engineers.  ACE floats also have a 15-year warranty. The wood substructure is assembled using galvanized steel corners and angles. All bolts are metal-to-metal connections

Connect-A-Dock System uses pre-molded floats with a simple and effective connecting system. This design allows dock owners to change or add to their docks with little effort. This is the ideal dock for dock owners who do their own wintering or need to move their dock with changing water heights.

Aluminum Gangways Docks are generally aluminum frames with a Thru-Flow top. These provide a durable but lightweight approach to your dock. Gangways can also have aluminum handrails and can be made ADA compliant. Though Butte Fence does stock some standard gangway lengths, most are custom built to the length and width specification for each boat dock.

Butte Fence can install your boat dock, deliver your boat dock for you to install, or you can pick up your boat dock at either of our facilities. For those who would like to build their own dock, Butte Fence stocks all the hardware necessary for your project.

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