The Complete Guide to Fence Installation Costs for Homeowners

fence installation costs

There are a host of reasons to consider adding a fence to your home. You gain privacy and security, and you also add to the aesthetics of your property. 

With many decorative fencing options now on the market, your fencing can even become a design element in your overall landscaping.

You’ll be happy to know that if you add a fence, it can also add to your property value. Some estimates suggest that quality landscaping, which includes fencing, can add up to 20% in value to the home. 

So, you might wonder how much are fence installation costs, and if they can add this much value to your home? Installing new fences on your property might be a goal, but you also need to plan your fence installation budget. 

Read on to learn more about fencing installation costs and the factors that will impact your overall fence cost. 

Fencing Costs

Many factors impact the cost of the fence you install and its installation, but generally speaking, the national average fence installation cost is around $2700.

One of the most significant factors for fence installation cost is the type of fencing you select. No matter the type of fencing, it’s measured by the linear foot. More on this shortly.

Let’s consider how the type of material you select might impact the overall cost of the installation. 

Some types of fencing materials and their costs include:

  • Wood fencing, $15-$25
  • Chain link fencing, $12-$20
  • Wire fencing, $1-$6
  • Vinyl fencing, $16-$40
  • Aluminum fencing, $25-$55
  • Wrought Iron fencing, $30-$62

Aside from the materials you select for your fencing, the amount you need will also impact fencing installation costs.

How Fencing Is Measured for Cost

No matter the type of fencing, it’s measured by the linear foot. When you have a fencing company visit your property and give you an estimate, one of the first things they will do is measure the property. 

They will want to know where the fence will start and where it will end. They’ll measure this distance in linear feet. 

Once they have this measurement, all of the factors that impact cost will get factored into the overall installation cost. 

What Impacts Fence Installation Costs

A professional fence installer will understand all the factors to consider when giving you a price quote. As you consider fence installation, it makes sense to get estimates for installation the same way you might get estimates for other services for your home. 

Let’s take a closer look at all of the factors that will impact the overall cost of installation.


You know the adage, location, location, location. Well, this applies to the cost of fencing installation, too.

Interestingly, in states on the West Coast, where the cost of living is often higher, fence installation costs tend not to be. 

When considering national averages, the East Coast is more costly for fence installation than other parts of the country. The more populated states, like New York, have the highest average installation costs. 

The cost of fencing in the Midwest tends to be somewhere in the middle, with costs falling as you continue to head west.

Amount of Materials Needed

It makes sense that the most impactful part of the fence installation cost is the amount of materials needed. 

You can assume if your yard is three times larger than a neighbor’s yard, it will cost more because more materials are needed. 

Not only will more fencing material be needed, but more posts and potentially more gates for the fence. 

The materials that make up your fence will be one of your most important decisions since it impacts your fence’s aesthetics, durability, and average lifespan. 

Type of Fence 

Fencing materials can be used to create many different types of fences.

For example, wood can be used to make a picket fence, a lattice fence, or a two-sided fence that looks the same from each side. 

You might choose a combination of fencing materials put together to create a type of fence that adds a particular aesthetic to your yard. For example, you might choose wood fencing and incorporate brick or stone in the pillars or posts. 

Fence Style

As you start to consider fencing installation in your yard, you also want to think about fencing style. Consider your reasons for adding a fence. What goals do you have for the fencing material?

You might want fencing to act as security for your property. Whether that’s to keep your kids and pets safe or to keep predators out, a security fence might look different and be in a different style than purely decorative ones. 

Your goal might be for privacy. This type of fence might be taller (if it meets local ordinances) and have fewer ways to see in or out of it.

Some fences are installed as part of an overall landscape plan to be part of the aesthetics. 

Style impacts fence installation costs because it impacts what it looks like and how it gets built.

Geography of Your Yard

Another factor that can impact the cost of your fence installation costs is the overall geography of your yard. This will impact the ease of installation and how long it takes a fence installer to do the work. 

If you live in an area where the ground is hard from rock or clay, digging the holes for installation may be more laborious. Likewise, if you have many features in your yard that the installers need to work around, this will impact the cost. 


One of the factors in choosing professional installation, besides not trudging through the labor yourself, is how knowledgeable the fence installer will be. 

Plenty of DIYers think they can tackle a project and get it done in a day or two when the reality is much different because they run into hurdles along the way.

Because a professional installer does this type of work all day, they know how to estimate the time for a job. They also work with all of the materials, and they understand how the type of material will impact the amount of installation time.

Other Cost Factors

Various other factors may impact the cost of fencing installation.

Some factors include:

  • Painting your fence
  • Surveying the land
  • Fence lighting
  • Permits and licenses for installation
  • Number of specialty features 

You may also want to add to existing fencing. This means you might also want existing fencing to be power washed. 

Why Hiring Professional Installation Is Better

Many homeowners approach home renovations by considering whether they could DIY the project to save money. 

There are many reasons why hiring a professional is a better choice than trying a DIY fence installation. 

First, this requires some precise work that is labor-intensive. You may not have the skills or the tools to execute fence installation. 

A professional will also know the local fence laws and ordinances. They will know if a building permit is needed and how to get it. 

Because a professional is experienced, your fence is likely to be more secure, adding to its lifespan, too.

How to Choose a Fence Installer

When hiring a fence installer, there are various things to consider. Of course, it makes sense to get several local estimates. 

Why does local matter? They won’t charge you to bring in crews and ship materials, and they’ll know local laws for fencing. 

Once you have estimates, look beyond just cost. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. 

Consider when the installer can get to the install. How long will you wait? Also, consider if they offer any warranty and satisfaction guarantees on their work. 

Get online and read reviews left by other customers. Remember, though; it can be hard to make everyone happy. Look instead at trends that you see in the reviews. You also want to ask for references and check them. 

Ask the installer about their experience and who will be doing the actual work. You also want to be sure the fence installer is licensed if that’s required in your area and that they carry the appropriate insurance. 

While hiring a professional fence installer may cost a little more than a DIY installation, the work will likely be higher quality and get done more quickly than you could do it yourself. 

Getting New Fencing for Your Home

When considering fence installation costs, many factors make up the overall installation cost. Remember, the size of the yard and the materials will have a big impact on the installation cost. If you’re interested in fence installation for your home, we can help. Let us help you get the custom fence for your home. Contact us today to get started.

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