On the Fence: How Do I Select the Best Vinyl Fencing Near Me?

For most people, a fence is more than just an enclosure for their home; it’s also an aesthetic highlight. That’s why picking the right fence for your home can become a tad overwhelming for many homeowners. Even though folks prefer vinyl fences for their affordability and ease of installation, they still have a hard time selecting the best vinyl fence.

So the question on most homeowners’ minds is, “how do I get the best vinyl fencing near me?” Well, before we can answer that, we, at least, need to know the purpose of your fence. Maybe it’s for your patio, or for your pool or backyard, or just a fence for enclosing your entire home from prying eyes outside your property.

Regardless of what fence you want, we’ve got the most comprehensive guide on how you can get the best vinyl fence around your vicinity.

Make Privacy Your Primary Consideration

As mentioned earlier, one function of our fences is to keep us from prying eyes outside. That’s why privacy should be a major consideration when picking out a vinyl fence. However, the level of privacy you aim for also depends on your fence’s purpose.

If you want complete privacy, for instance, for a backyard fence, then you need a fence with a few or no gaps between the panels. However, this might be a bit intruding if you’d like to see the outside view. If that’s the problem, then you should consider lowering the fence a bit.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell what height is private enough for your home, especially if you have a sloping yard. You can tell whether your fence is high enough by using a piece of cardboard the length of or the desired length of your fence. Have one of your friends hold up the cardboard as you stand in different areas of the yard and see whether the fence will be high enough.

Once you close the gaps and have the height on lock, your fence will be “private” enough, and then, you can take care of the wind.

Don’t Forget About the Wind

Once you have your privacy down pat, the next thing you have to consider is the wind. Sometimes the wind can get somewhat pesky, especially if you live in windy regions. Apart from acting as a barrier against the public, your fence is also a barrier against winds.

Fortunately, fencing to keep out the wind isn’t such a huge hurdle. Keep in mind that you only have to keep the wind away from the general seating area. That means you don’t have to sacrifice any great views from outside just to block out the wind.

If you can match the price, you can consider using glass as a portion of your vinyl fence. You can also lower the fence a bit for seating areas because the wind blows over your head when you sit down. That’s pretty much all you need to know about wind shielding.

Consider a Gateless Fence

If you’re looking for a more chic and stylish design, then you should consider going gateless. Gateless fences not only look good, but they also make your home easily accessible. Of course, going gateless is also a security risk, that’s why it’s not for everyone.

You can choose a gateless vinyl fence for your patio or farm area. If you want to retain privacy, you could use offset fences. That way, you can still have a clear path while blocking out the street view.

Stepped Vinyl Fences Are Always a Great Choice

A super-tall fence all around your property may be undesirable for most people. If this describes your situation, then you should consider a stepped design. The stair-step design can give you privacy where you need and not obstruct any views from your lawn.

Furthermore, most people consider stepped design as modern and very pleasing to look at. If you want to stand out from your neighbors, then consider a stepped design. Plus, because it’s a vinyl fence, you won’t have to break the bank for it.

The Dogs Stay Inside!

Make sure your fence is strong and tall enough to contain your dogs. This especially goes for folks who have very ravenous dogs. In some states, you can be liable should your dog get out and cause harm to an unsuspecting civilian.

That said, you need to find out whether your dog is a jumper or a digger. For jumpers, a tall fence is all you need to keep the dogs inside. For diggers, you need to bury your vinyl fence at least six feet below the ground so that they don’t get through.

Remember, smaller dogs are easier to handle than larger dogs. A four-foot fence will do just fine for smaller dogs, but won’t suffice for larger dogs. Apart from burying your fence below ground for diggers, you can also consider hardscaping the fence line.

You Can Never Overlook Security

Apart from ensuring privacy, the fence also acts as a barrier against intruders. That means you should also keep the security factor in mind when picking a vinyl fence. For security, you should consider installing a taller fence that’s harder to climb.

Having a tall fence isn’t enough security if intruders can get past your gate. That’s why you need a sturdy and lockable gate to supplement your tall fence. You also need a sturdy and flush vinyl fence with no areas to grip and climb on.

If you can’t get a tall fence, you can get an average fence, but with a trellis for extra height. That’ll make the fence tall enough to make it impossible to climb. Make sure your fence maintains privacy and also keeps your home secure.

The Best Vinyl Fencing Near Me 

Now that we’ve answered,” how to find the best vinyl fencing near me?” We hope you can make a good decision, the next time you’re in the market for a vinyl fence. Also, remember, your vinyl fence is only as good as your fence installation company.

That’s why you can only settle for the best fencing company for the best fence. To get your dream vinyl fence, request a quote today, and we’ll sort you out.

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