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Welcome to Butte Fence in Kimberly, Idaho

At Butte Fence, we take immense pride in serving the beautiful community of Kimberly, Idaho, with our top-notch fencing solutions. For over 15 years, we have been the go-to fencing company for homeowners and businesses in Kimberly and the surrounding areas. We understand that choosing the right fencing partner is a crucial decision, and we’re here to assure you that with Butte Fence, you’re making the right choice.

Your Trusted Fencing Experts in Kimberly

Our unmatched commitment to being the best in the industry has allowed us to build a legacy of excellence. When you work with Butte Fence, you’re partnering with a team that knows the ins and outs of Kimberly, Idaho, like no other. We’ve spent years getting to know the local terrain, climate, and the unique needs of our Kimberly customers.

The Butte Fence Difference

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We don’t just build fences; we create lasting solutions that enhance the beauty, security, and value of your property. Our team of skilled craftsmen takes pride in every project, ensuring that your fencing needs are met with precision and care.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose Butte Fence in Kimberly, you’re not just getting a fence; you’re getting a promise. A promise of exceptional service, unmatched expertise, and a beautiful fence that stands the test of time. We’re committed to making your fencing project a seamless experience from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking for privacy, security, or an aesthetic upgrade for your property, Butte Fence has the perfect solution for you. Join us as we embark on this journey together, creating beautiful and functional fencing solutions that Kimberly residents deserve.

Why Choose Butte Fence in Kimberly, Idaho

Butte Fence has been an integral part of Kimberly and the Magic Valley region for over two decades. Our long-standing presence reflects our strong commitment to the local community. In addition, we understand the unique challenges posed by Kimberly’s climate and terrain. Our expertise allows us to recommend and install fencing solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also resilient in the face of local conditions.

Trusted Reputation

  • Years of Excellence: Our track record of excellence speaks for itself. Over the years, we have consistently delivered high-quality fencing solutions that have earned the trust of our customers.
  • Customer Testimonials: Don’t just take our word for it – our satisfied customers can attest to the exceptional service and craftsmanship they’ve experienced with Butte Fence.
  • Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship: Quality is at the core of everything we do. From the materials we use to the skills of our craftsmen, we never compromise on delivering the best.

When you choose Butte Fence in Kimberly, Idaho, you’re choosing a team that combines local expertise, a trusted reputation, comprehensive services, and a dedication to making your fencing project a success. We are proud to serve Kimberly and the Magic Valley region, and we look forward to helping you with your fencing needs.

Fencing Options at Butte Fence

When it comes to fencing, Butte Fence offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Each type of fencing has its own unique advantages and ideal scenarios, ensuring that you can find the perfect solution for your property. Let’s explore the fencing options available at Butte Fence:

Wood Fencing

Benefits of Wood Fencing

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wood fences exude natural beauty and blend seamlessly with various landscapes.
  • Customization: Wood can be easily customized to match your preferred style, whether it’s a classic picket fence or a modern design.
  • Durability: Treated wood is known for its durability and can withstand different weather conditions.

Ideal Scenarios for Wood Fences

  • Residential Properties: Wood fences are a popular choice for homes, creating privacy, and enhancing curb appeal.
  • Rural Settings: They are perfect for rural properties, adding a rustic touch while maintaining functionality.

Vinyl Fencing

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl requires minimal upkeep, as it doesn’t rot, warp, or fade like wood.
  • Longevity: Vinyl fences have a long lifespan and can withstand harsh elements.
  • Versatility: They are available in various styles and colors, allowing for customization.
  • Residential and Commercial: Vinyl fences are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, offering an attractive and low-maintenance solution.

Chain-Link Fencing

Practical Applications of Chain-Link Fences

  • Security: Chain-link fences provide excellent security for properties, making them ideal for commercial and industrial use.
  • Sports Facilities: They are commonly used in sports fields and complexes due to their durability and visibility.
  • Cost-Effective: Chain-link fences offer a cost-effective way to secure large areas without compromising on durability.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Elegance and Security with Wrought Iron

  • Elegant Design: Wrought iron fences add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property.
  • Security: They provide a high level of security while maintaining an open and airy feel.

Suitable Properties for Wrought Iron Fences

  • Historic Homes: Wrought iron complements historic homes and properties beautifully.
  • Luxury Estates: They are a popular choice for luxury estates seeking a blend of security and aesthetics.

Specialty Fences

  • Aluminum Fencing: Offers the durability of metal with low maintenance, ideal for various settings.
  • Farm Fencing: Designed to meet the specific needs of farms, providing containment for livestock.
  • Ornamental Iron: Combines beauty and security, perfect for upscale residences.

Specialty fences cater to specific requirements, ensuring that you have a fence tailored to your needs.

At Butte Fence, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of fencing options to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, security, or functionality, our team can help you find the perfect fencing solution for your property.

Kimberly, Idaho: Our Service Area

Nestled in the heart of Idaho’s picturesque Magic Valley, Kimberly is a vibrant and tight-knit community known for its friendly residents and scenic landscapes. At Butte Fence, we understand the unique charm and requirements of this beautiful town. Our commitment to serving Kimberly and its surrounding areas is unwavering, and we take immense pride in being a part of this wonderful community.

The Importance of Local Knowledge

When it comes to providing top-notch fencing solutions, local knowledge plays a crucial role. Kimberly’s climate, terrain, and architectural styles are distinct, and understanding these factors is essential to delivering fences that not only enhance the aesthetics but also withstand the test of time. With years of experience serving Kimberly, we possess an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and preferences of its residents.

Tailored Fencing Solutions for Kimberly Residents

At Butte Fence, we believe that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer tailored fencing solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of Kimberly residents. Whether you’re looking for a charming wood fence to complement your home’s rustic appeal or a sturdy vinyl fence to withstand Idaho’s varied weather conditions, we have you covered. Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that your fencing needs are met with precision and care.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, we are committed to providing exceptional service and craftsmanship. Our goal is to enhance the beauty, security, and value of your Kimberly property with fencing solutions that reflect the spirit of this wonderful community.

When you choose Butte Fence for your fencing needs in Kimberly, you’re choosing a partner who understands your locality, values your unique requirements, and delivers fencing solutions that stand the test of time.

The Butte Fence Advantage

At Butte Fence, we take immense pride in delivering fencing solutions that stand the test of time. We achieve this by using only the finest and most durable materials available. Our commitment to quality starts with the selection of premium materials that ensure the longevity and performance of your fence. Our skilled craftsmen bring these materials to life, meticulously crafting each fence to perfection. When you choose Butte Fence, you’re choosing a fence built to last.

Personalized Design

We understand that every property and homeowner is unique. That’s why we offer a personalized design process to tailor your fence to your specific needs and preferences. Our experienced team works closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you desire a classic wood fence, a sleek vinyl design, or a custom ornamental wrought iron masterpiece, we’ve got you covered. Explore our portfolio of tailored solutions to see examples of how we’ve transformed properties like yours.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that top-notch quality doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. Butte Fence is committed to offering competitive pricing, making quality fencing accessible to all. We understand that cost is an important consideration, and we strive to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Your dream fence is within reach, and we’re here to make it a reality without breaking the bank.

Timely Installations

We respect your time and understand that prompt installation is essential. Our commitment to project timelines ensures that your fencing project proceeds smoothly and efficiently. We work diligently to minimize disruption to your life, completing installations on schedule, and with the least inconvenience to you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

When you choose Butte Fence, you’re choosing an unwavering commitment to quality, personalization, affordability, and timeliness. Experience the Butte Fence advantage, and let us transform your property into something truly special.

Kimberly’s Fencing Needs

Kimberly residents have diverse fencing needs influenced by factors such as property size, location, and personal preferences. Understanding these needs is crucial in providing tailored fencing solutions. Residents often require:

  • Privacy: Many homeowners seek privacy fencing to create secluded outdoor spaces. Butte Fence offers a range of options, including wood, vinyl, and ornamental iron, to meet these needs.
  • Security: Fencing plays a vital role in enhancing property security. Kimberly residents may require sturdy, durable fences to protect their homes and businesses.
  • Aesthetics: Fences are not just functional but also contribute to the overall look of a property. Customizable designs and materials allow residents to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • Property Enhancement: Fencing can significantly increase property value and curb appeal. It delineates boundaries and enhances landscaping.
  • Safety: Pool safety is a concern for residents with swimming pools. Pool code-compliant fencing is essential to prevent accidents.
  • Livestock and Agriculture: Kimberly’s rural areas may require fencing for livestock, agricultural purposes, and property delineation. Chain-link or ranch fencing may be suitable.
  • Commercial Needs: Businesses in Kimberly may need fencing for security, access control, or aesthetic purposes. Butte Fence offers solutions for commercial properties, including industrial chain-link and ornamental iron.

Contact Butte Fence in Kimberly, Idaho

To address these diverse needs, Kimberly residents can easily reach out to Butte Fence:

Phone: Contact us at (208) 953-2336 for inquiries or to schedule a consultation.

Contact Us Form: Reach us online through our website.

Location: Visit our office at 22342 Kimberly Road, STE. 101, Kimberly, ID 83341.

We invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss your fencing project, explore design options, and receive a personalized quote. Our team is ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.


In conclusion, Butte Fence is the ideal choice for Kimberly residents due to our commitment to quality, personalized design, competitive pricing, and timely installations. We understand the unique fencing needs of Kimberly and offer a wide range of solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you seek privacy, security, aesthetics, or property enhancement, Butte Fence has you covered. Take the next step towards your fencing project with us, and experience the Butte Fence advantage.

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