Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Porch Railing Installation

Since their early days of inception, vinyl porch materials have gotten a bad rap. Initially, vinyl made sense. It lasted longer than wood and required much less maintenance. 

But then time passed, and the vinyl faded, cracked, and warped. It did not stand up to adverse weather like its wood counterpart. 

Engineers have responded accordingly. If you’ve ever heard any of these rumors about vinyl porch railing, take a minute to read this piece. You will see the myths surrounding porch railing busted and explained. 

Keep reading to learn about why vinyl porch railing installation is one of the best options for porches that last. 

It Looks Sophisticated

Historically, when people think of vinyl railing, they think of shiny, slick plastic decking materials that look cheap. Perhaps at one time in history, vinyl porch railing looked like this. But times have changed. 

Engineers and designers have created an increasingly more beautiful product than the original design. The vinyl porch railing does not look like the plastic mess that so many people picture. In the past, manufacturers offered simple products. 

Today’s vinyl railing and decking look much like wood. It carries the benefits of durable vinyl with the aesthetics of a wood deck. Furthermore, the modern vinyl porch railing has a number of colors, textures, and finishes that give you the beautiful color and finish you desire. 

It Drains Water Purposefully

Old vinyl designs did not drain water as well as the modern designs. In fact, you may even believe the deck will dam water and create a dangerous, slippery surface. Original vinyl decking did create such a hazard. 

Modern designs, though, have texture to them that allows for grip. Your vinyl porch railing will have some grit to it that keeps you from slipping when you grab it. The vinyl will not just look like wood but will feel like wood and other natural textures, minimizing skid. 

It Maintains Color Over Time

Old vinyl did not withstand the intensity of sunlight over time. It would discolor and fade as time passed. Modern vinyl manufacturers now use color stabilization techniques to prevent discoloration. 

You can be bold and purchase the vinyl porch railing in the color you want without worrying about yellowing or fading, despite the intensity of the summer sun. 

It Withstands Extreme Temperature Drops

When you live in one of the coldest states in the nation, you want materials that can withstand all of the weather extremes. When the mercury drops to unreadable temperatures, you need to know your deck railing isn’t cracking and threatening to break off your home. 

In the same way that modern vinyl can withstand the intensity of high temperatures, it can withstand the extreme temperature drops that hit the northern parts of the United States. 

In the past, extremely cold temperatures would cause vinyl to become brittle and break easily. As a result, vinyl porch railings and decking were a luxury that only individuals in temperate areas could afford. 

Modern vinyl decking actually is less susceptible to wild swings of temperature compared to its natural wood counterparts. It contracts just slightly in cold weather but not so much that the cold compromises the durability of the railing. 

Grill Friendly

Vinyl is a type of plastic, and thus it’s logical to believe you cannot have a grill near your viny porch railing. After all, won’t it melt? 

The first versions of vinyl deck railing actually did melt when exposed to a flame. Engineers have designed railing today to withstand this heat. So you can keep your grill near the railing without compromising its integrity. 

If you’re still concerned about the effect your grill may have on your vinyl, you can always install heat shields on the grill. 

Resistant to Weathering

Now that you know how next-generation vinyl materials stand up to the problems experienced with first-generation decking, it’s time to revisit the positives of vinyl porch railing in general. 

Wood decking and railing are subject to significant amounts of weathering, especially if you do not conduct the extensive maintenance tasks they require. Wood will fade and weather over time. It can even rot when you do not properly seal it regularly. 

As a result, you end up spending more time and money to maintain a wood deck and porch railing than you will spend on vinyl. In fact, when you install a vinyl porch railing, you don’t have to do anything to maintain it. You just sit back and enjoy it. 

Vinyl Porch Railing Installation Cost

If you’re considering vinyl porch railing, you should consider the full cost of installation. Basic porch railing installation will cost between $20 and $40 a foot, depending on the particular vinyl porch railing you select. 

You should consider the cost of time as well. You can expect your vinyl porch railing to last 20 to 30 years with minimum maintenance. This means you do not have to do much to make the porch railing last this long. 

If your time is worth money, then vinyl porch railing simply makes sense. You do not have to paint it or stain it regularly like you would a wood porch railing. Furthermore, modern designs make the railing look and feel like wood. 

Consider Vinyl Porch Railing Installation Today

You no longer have to believe the myths about vinyl porch railing installation. Certainly, many of these myths were true at one time. But like all successful businesses, the engineers and manufacturers of vinyl materials have worked hard to improve their products. As a result, the modern vinyl porch railing does not look like its first-generation counterpart. 

Are you interested in vinyl porch railing installation? If so, contact us and request a quote today. 

We have one of the best vinyl fence facilities in the nation. Our showroom displays the best of the vinyl materials available today. 

We have worked hard to build a successful business since 1995, and thus we have a stellar reputation in the Treasure Valley and Magic Valley area. 

Known for hard work, high integrity, and good solid values, we seek to go the extra yard for all of our clients. Come visit our showroom today and let us help you find the best vinyl porch railing and other materials for the decking of your dreams. 

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