8 Fence Designs to Boost Your Curb Appeal

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Did you know that only around 50 percent of American homes have backyard fences, and even fewer have fences in their front yard? If you’re part of that 50% and are researching fence designs for your home, read on!

Your fence is the first thing potential buyers and neighbors see when they look at your home. It can be a deciding factor when it comes to making an offer.

This is why if you want to sell your property, you need to combine functional and decorative elements into your fence designs.

1. Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is an affordable alternative to more expensive materials such as brick. It can complement the style of any home.

Plus, it’s more susceptible to customization, making it an excellent choice for any property, be it new construction or existing home.

Benefits of Wood Fencing

Why should you choose a wood fence for your home? Wood fencing offers many benefits.

Initial Costs

Wood fencing is one of the most affordable options for a fence. You can install it yourself and save on labor. Plus, it’s easy to replace a damaged section.

Add Character

Wood fencing is an excellent choice if you want to add character to your property. It comes in many different styles and colors. It also can get painted or stained to match the rest of your home.

Renewable Resource

Wood is a renewable resource. That makes it an eco-friendly option. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting used during the manufacturing process.

Weather Resistance

Wood fencing is extremely durable when treated correctly, making it an excellent choice for a fence that surrounds your property. It can withstand wind, rain, heat, and snow.


Wood fencing offers a lot of customization. It can be stained to different colors, stained and painted, or left natural. There are also a lot of options for the finish, from smooth to distressed.


Wood fencing is not only used around the perimeter of the property. It can also get used as a wall between two properties or as an accent fence. It can also be used to create a privacy fence or a picket fence.


Wood is great for creating privacy. It can obstruct views of your property, creating a feeling of seclusion. This can be a selling point for prospective homebuyers.

Drawbacks of Wood Fencing

There are a few disadvantages you’ll want to consider when you’re deciding if a wood fence is right for your home. Keep the following in mind.

Not Always Waterproof

Wood can absorb water, especially if it’s left untreated. This can lead to rot and, eventually, a fence that is no longer structurally sound. You’ll need to seal it if you want it to be waterproof.

Prone to Damage

Wood is susceptible to weathering and damage. You’ll need to take extra steps to keep it in good condition. You’ll need to seal it regularly to ensure it doesn’t absorb water.

High Maintenance

Wood fences require more maintenance than other fencing materials. You need to keep the fence clean and paint or stain it to maintain its attractiveness.

Maintenance Costs

Wood fences need a lot of maintenance. This can add up over the years.

Limited Lifespan

Wood fences last between 10 and 15 years. This is much less than other fencing materials. You will have to replace your wood fence every few decades.

Vulnerable to Termite Infection

Wood fencing is susceptible to termite infection. This can lead to rotting wood, which will eventually weaken the fence. You should install a fence termite netting to prevent the infestation of insects.

What Type of Home Looks Best With Wood Fencing?

Wood fencing works well with any style of home as it is a very versatile material.

It can be used with styles like ranch, Mediterranean, colonial and modern. It can also be used on any size of property, from the most modest to the most spacious.

2. Chain Link Fencing

This type of fence is made of sturdy, high-tensile wire. It can deter thieves, but it also allows for good visibility. It is often used to separate yards or to keep pets in their own yard.

Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Around 61 percent of fences installed in the United States are chain link. These fences have some great advantages for your home.

Low Cost

Chain link fencing is one of the least expensive fencing materials. It is, however, still extremely durable. It will last for a long time while still looking great.

Easy to Maintain

Chain link fencing is extremely easy to maintain. You only need to clean and repair it every now and then. This is very different from wood fencing, which requires extensive and regular maintenance.

Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Chain link fencing is resistant to extreme temperatures. This makes it a great choice for areas that experience extreme hot or cold conditions.

Good Looks

Chain link fencing is perfect for those who want a modern and elegant home. It looks great and is extremely resilient.

Effective Containment

Chain link fencing is extremely effective at containing animals. This is great for people who have animals on their property.

Drawbacks of Chain Link Fencing

What about the people who don’t choose a chain link fence? Chain link fencing has a few drawbacks to consider.


Chain link fencing can rust. The rust will corrode the metal, leaving ugly unsightly stains.

This should not affect the fencing’s functionality. It is mainly a cosmetic issue.

Lack of Security

Chain link fencing is not very secure. You can easily climb over it and get into your yard.

No Privacy

Chain link fencing has no privacy. This means that everyone can see right through it.

What Type of Home Looks Best with Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fencing looks best in modern homes. It is also a great choice for smaller homes, such as cottage houses and townhomes.

3. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great option for those who want a low-maintenance fence. It doesn’t require much maintenance, but it does require professional installation.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

What are the advantages of choosing vinyl fencing over other types of fences? There are a few convincing reasons you need to remember.

Resistant to Rust, Corrosion, and Fading

Vinyl fencing is extremely durable. It does not rust or corrode due to its unique material.

It will keep its beautiful white appearance for a long time. Vinyl fencing is also resistant to fading from the sun.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl fencing does not require much maintenance. You only need to clean and repair it once in a while. This is different from wood fencing, which requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Vinyl fencing is resistant to extreme temperatures. This makes it a great choice for areas that experience extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Won’t Splinter or Rot

Wood fencing rots and splinters. This is generally not an issue for vinyl fencing.


Many people choose vinyl fencing because of its appearance. Vinyl fencing comes in a number of colors and styles.

Good Security

Vinyl fencing is a good security fence. It can help you keep unwanted people out of your yard.

Drawbacks of Vinyl Fencing

Like any other option, there are a few drawbacks you should look at when you’re considering vinyl fencing. What are the drawbacks of vinyl fencing?

Difficult to Repair

Because vinyl is a synthetic material, it can be difficult to repair. If your fence is made of vinyl, you may need to call a professional to make repairs.

High Initial Costs

Vinyl fencing is one of the more expensive options for fencing. It cost more than wood or aluminum fencing.

Not a Natural Material

Vinyl is not a natural material. This means it is not as aesthetically pleasing as wood fencing.


Vinyl can stain from tree sap, algae, mold, and mildew. These stains can be challenging to remove from vinyl.

What Type of Home Looks Best with Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing looks best in all styles of homes, as well as commercial properties. It is most commonly used in modern, cottage, and ranch-style homes.

4. Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental iron is a strong and durable material that provides a lot of curb appeal. It can be painted in colorful options, providing a unique look.

It is extremely durable and resistant to rust or corrosion.

Benefits of Ornamental Iron Fencing

Why should you choose ornamental iron fencing? There are a few distinct advantages to this choice.

Strength and Durability

Ornamental iron is extremely strong and durable. It can even last through natural disasters and harsh weather conditions.

This can be especially beneficial if you live in an area where severe weather and natural disasters are common.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ornamental iron is a beautiful fence option. It can add a timeless feel to your home.

Ornamental fences are also known for their unique and attractive looks. It is a great option for you if you are looking for a way to make a bold statement.

Environmentally Friendly

Iron is a natural material. It is not a synthetic material that can be difficult to dispose of. This type of material can get recycled, making it environmentally friendly.

Low Maintenance

Although iron requires very little maintenance, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a year. Iron fences are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about them rusting or corroding.


Ornamental iron is a great fence option for security. Ornamental iron fences have been shown to be very sturdy and difficult for people to climb over.

Disadvantages of Ornamental Iron Fencing

Although there are a lot of benefits to choosing ornamental iron fencing, there are also some disadvantages that you should keep in mind. The following are factors that could make you lean towards another design.


Ornamental iron is one of the most expensive types of fences. If you are looking to save money on your fence, you may be better off with a less expensive option.

Ornamental iron will be a bit more costly to install than other options. It also requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep it looking good.


Ornamental iron is susceptible to rusting. While it is still a very strong and long-lasting material, it can experience some rusting due to the environment.

If you want a fence that will not require any work, you may want to choose a different option.

Difficult to Use in Hilly Yards

Ornamental iron fences can be difficult to use in hilly yards. It requires a lot of ground space to be put in properly. If there is not enough ground space, you may want to choose a different fence type.

What Type of Home Looks Best with Ornamental Iron Fencing?

Ornamental iron fences can go great on any style of home you may have. As long as you have the ground space and you are willing to do the maintenance required, they can be a great look for many homes.

If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out, an ornamental iron fence is a great option.

5. Concrete Stone Fencing

If you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home, concrete stone fencing can be a great option. Concrete stone is a type of stone that is made using concrete and stones.

Benefits of Concrete Stone Fencing

Concrete stone has many benefits as a type of fence. The following are some of the benefits that come with a concrete stone fence.

Design Flexibility

Concrete stone can be formed into many different designs, allowing you to choose the right look for the property. It is a changeable material, allowing you to create unique designs that look great at any property.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete stone is an aesthetically pleasing option. It is very much in style today, and it is a great way to add a unique look to your home.


Concrete stone is extremely sturdy. If you’re looking for a fence that will stand the test of time, this is a great option. It will be extremely difficult to get through concrete stone, meaning your property will be safe.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete stone is environmentally friendly. It is an all-natural material, so it does not require any chemicals to be mixed in with it. It is also eco-friendly once it has been used, as it does not need to be disposed of in a special way.

Impact Resistant

Concrete stone is impact resistant. If you’re looking for a protective option that will keep your property safe from heavy impact, this is a great option. It is a very solid fence.

Sound Absorption

Concrete stone is also sound absorbent. This makes it a great option if you’re looking for a fence that will block out noise.


While concrete stone is an amazingly versatile material, it is also highly customizable. You can choose the right concrete stone to match your home, ensuring that it looks great at the property.

Disadvantages of Concrete Stone Fencing

Despite the many benefits that concrete stone fencing offers, it does have some disadvantages. The following are some of the disadvantages that come with concrete stone fencing.


Concrete stone is a very low-maintenance material. However, it does require a lot more cleaning than other materials.

It must be washed on a regular basis. This can be time-consuming.


Concrete stone can be a more expensive material. Because it’s such a durable option, it is usually more expensive than other materials.

It’s a great investment in the long run, though, so it could be worth the price.

What Type of Home Looks Best with Concrete Stone Fencing?

Concrete stone fencing is an adaptable material.

No matter the property, concrete stone fencing looks great. It can be used on houses and apartments and just as easily on industrial properties.

It can be used on just about any property. The best part is that concrete stone fencing can be customized to fit the design of your property.

Whether you have a rustic, natural, or modern design, concrete stone fencing can be used. 

6. Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is another common option for residential fence ideas. It is attractive and easy to use.

Privacy fencing is effective at adding privacy to a yard or property. It can also be used to add a bit of security to a home.

Privacy fencing comes in a variety of styles, so you can choose a fence that will complement your property best. One of the most popular types of privacy fencing is a vinyl privacy fence.

Vinyl privacy fences are durable and easy to install. They don’t require much maintenance, so you can keep them looking great for years.

Benefits of Privacy Fencing

Why should you choose a privacy fence for your home? Privacy fencing has many benefits, including the following.


A privacy fence can help enhance the security of your home. It’s not an impenetrable barrier, but it can add a layer of security to your home.

A privacy fence will keep people and animals away from your property. Privacy fencing can also keep your property private. It can prevent nosy neighbors, animals, and people from peeking into your yard.


A privacy fence makes your home more attractive. It can be customized to fit your home’s design.

It’s also a better option than chain link and wood fences. It doesn’t detract from the design of your home.


Privacy fencing can help you feel more comfortable in your home. It can help you feel more at ease outdoors. It can give you peace of mind while you’re in your yard or enjoying your outdoor space.

Variety of Styles

The available styles for privacy fencing make it an attractive choice for properties. A vinyl privacy fence can be customized to fit your home’s design. Many options are available.

Low Maintenance

Unlike some other fences, privacy fencing requires very little maintenance. It requires minimal upkeep.

A vinyl privacy fence, for example, requires occasional cleaning. Other than that, it requires very little maintenance.


Privacy fencing is much more affordable than some other fence types. A vinyl privacy fence, for example, is an affordable option. It’s a great option for homeowners on a budget.

Disadvantages of Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. As with any type of fence, privacy fencing has some disadvantages, including the following.

Not an Impenetrable Barrier

A privacy fence will not completely block people, animals, and debris from entering your property. Small holes can be opened, allowing debris and animals to enter your yard. Your fence will also not keep people from digging and going under your fence.

More Difficult to Maintain Landscaping

Privacy fencing can make it more difficult to maintain landscaping, especially if it’s used as a border between your yard and your neighbor’s yard. It can prevent you from getting grass and plants in this space.

May Cause Problems With Neighbors or HOAs

If your property is in close proximity to your neighbor’s home or a homeowner’s association community, your privacy fence could cause some issues. Your fence could violate your HOA or neighbor’s covenants.

What Type of Home Looks Best with a Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence can look great on any type of home. It can offer a great addition to any property.

Gracious Homes

Privacy fencing looks great on gracious homes. These homes have larger, more spacious yards. A vinyl privacy fence is a great option for these properties.

More Moderate Homes

A privacy fence can look great on a more moderate home. These homes have smaller yards. A wooden privacy fence is a great option for these properties.


Condos also look great with privacy fencing. A vinyl privacy fence is a great option for condo buildings.

7. Agricultural Fencing

This style is a little different from the other ones we’ve discussed. However, for some homes, this is the best choice to enhance your curb appeal.

Agricultural fencing is best for any homeowners looking to have a farm-like feel to their yard. It’s also a great option for owners of larger properties or properties that need a way to keep out unwanted livestock or keep their own livestock in.

Benefits of Agricultural Fencing

There are many benefits to agricultural fencing. Here are a few of them.

Aesthetic Appeal

The rustic look of agricultural fencing is something that can drastically change the look of your home.

Whether you want a farm-like feel or you want to make your yard seem larger, this type of fencing can help you do that.

Durable Materials

Most agricultural fencing is made out of metal, which makes it extremely durable. When it comes to fencing, you want something that is sturdy and won’t break.  

This is especially important if you are using the fencing to keep out livestock or other animals. A lot of the fence will be in contact with the ground and will be taking a lot of wear and tear.

Control Your Livestock

If you have livestock on your property, you’ll need a good way to control them. A good way to control a lot of livestock is to build a fence around your property.

This can help you keep your livestock in and also keep your neighbors’ livestock out.

Protection From the Elements

This type of fencing can also provide your property with some protection from the elements. Many types of agricultural fencing are made from materials that can withstand snow and rain.

Downsides of Agricultural Fencing

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to agricultural fencing as well. Keep the following in mind as you decide whether or not

Not Good for All Homes

If you don’t have livestock or extra land, agricultural fencing might not be the best option. You’re going to have to have a lot of extra land if you want a fence like this.

If you don’t have extra land, you’re probably going to need to put the fence in your yard, which is going to take away from your yard space.

Not Security Fencing

This type of fencing is not meant to keep out humans. In order to keep trespassers out, you will still need some type of regular fencing.


This fence is not only more expensive than traditional fencing, but it will also take a lot longer to install. If you are looking for a quick fix that will add to your property’s curb appeal, this probably isn’t the fence for you.

What Type of Home Is Best for Agricultural Fencing?

If you have a lot of land, you’re going to want to consider this type of fencing. This may not be the best option for those that don’t want to do a lot of work to get a fence up.

If you have a home that is entirely surrounded by land, such as a ranch house, then agricultural fencing is a good option to consider.

Find the Right Fence Designs for Your Property

There are many fence designs available today, and picking the right one is about your home and needs. Ultimately, adding a fence to your home can help boost the curb appeal and value, so spend some time researching and talking to fence experts. 

Are you ready to start the process? Butte Fence has been around for over 25 years, and we’re still growing. Get a quote today, and let us show you why we’re the best choice for your fencing needs.

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