10 Benefits to Installing a Privacy Fence

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According to reports, outdoor space is more important to 90% of Americans now than ever. 

For a number of years, demand for indoor/outdoor living areas has been on the rise, with many homeowners making improvements to their outdoor spaces. Pandemic conditions only spurred on this trend. 

If you want to upgrade your outdoor space, installing a privacy fence is the perfect finishing touch. 

A privacy fence can transform your outdoor area into a private, peaceful zone that invites relaxation. If you skip this upgrade, your outdoor living area won’t feel nearly as secluded. 

Not sure if installing a home privacy fence is worth the time and effort? Keep reading to get clued up on all the advantages of a privacy fence.

1. More Private Space

The most obvious benefit of a privacy fence is, you guessed it—privacy. 

One of the things that makes one’s home so rejuvenating is it’s the one space where you can enjoy a relatively high level of privacy. You can do what you please, without the feeling that someone is observing you. 

Unless, of course, Jerry from next door has a habit of looking into your yard even when you want to enjoy some time outside. 

Having your yard open to the outside can take away from its privacy and make it feel more like a public space than your own, secluded zone. 

A privacy fence is the best way to solve this. Once it’s up, you can relax without feeling like you and your family are on display. 

Enclosing your outdoor area with a privacy fence brings a feeling of peace, tranquility, privacy, and respite from the outside world. 

2. Installing a Privacy Fence Can Protect You From the Elements

Besides protecting you from prying eyes of neighbors and passersby, a privacy fence can also shield you from the elements. 

Privacy fencing acts as a great windshield and can turn your yard into a sheltered oasis in gusty weather. In cool months, this can help to keep your yard a little warmer, and it’s also great for entertaining. 

If you are having guests over for an outdoor dinner, barbeque, or drinks, the last thing you want is for everyone to be chased inside should a cold wind spring up. A privacy fence can protect your yard from the wind and ensure that a moderate breeze won’t ruin your outdoor plans. 

If you live in a windy area, protecting your yard from the wind with a privacy fence can be the make or break factor around how much you use your yard. Nobody wants to be buffeted by gusts and have their hair whipped into their face every time they sit outside. 

Giving your outside areas some wind shelter through installing a privacy fence is the perfect way to protect them, create a calm, protected place, and ensure that you use your yard to its fullest potential. 

Besides protecting you from the wind, a privacy fence can also help to create a sheltered area for plants. Most plants don’t do well with excessive wind, especially large-leaved tropical varieties and sensitive ornamental plants. 

3. Increased Safety for Kids and Pets

Another of the top reasons for privacy fence installation is increased safety for kids and pets. Privacy fences usually have few or no gaps. This is ideal for making sure that children and animals don’t wander into the street. 

Instead of having to keep an eagle eye every time your small child or dog goes outside, you can rest assured they can’t get onto the street.

This added security and safety can also help you and your family utilize your outdoor areas more.

4. A Privacy Fence Can Act as a Sound Barrier

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood? Is your stress very busy? Or maybe neighbor Jerry also loves firing up the leaf blower every time you want to relax in the sun.

No matter the source of the noise (unless it’s coming from aircraft flying overhead) a privacy fence can help muffle and reduce unwanted sounds. 

A privacy fence might not be able to block out sounds entirely, but it can take the edge off and soften them so it doesn’t feel like Jerry’s lead blower is quite so close. 

If creating a sound barrier is your driving reason for installing a privacy fence, then we would recommend you opt for either a wood fence, vinyl fence, or concrete stone fencing. These types of fences have the best sound-deflection properties. 

Thin screens and reed fences aren’t solid enough to deflect sound the way thicker, more heavy-duty fencing can. 

5. It Can Also Block Out Unsightly Views

Besides obstructing people’s view into your yard, a privacy fence can also be a great screen for blocking out views you don’t want to see from within your yard. 

For instance, neighbor Jerry might have started collecting old appliances to fix up and decided that the best place to store them is directly in line with the view from your back porch. Or maybe he and his wife erected a washing line across their backyard, and every time you have people over for a barbeque you have to stand and look at an array of underwear.

If there is an eyesore in your view, the easiest way to get rid of it (if it’s not in your property) is by erecting a screen to block it off. Instead of having to look at your neighbor’s untidy yard, you can beautify your own and block theirs off in one go with a privacy fence. 

6. Installing a Privacy Fence Adds Dimension to Your Yard

One of the often-overlooked benefits of a privacy fence is that it can add dimension and visual interest to your yard. A privacy fence in an attractive material can provide the perfect backdrop for other attractive features like planters, outdoor furniture, and water features. 

Gone are the days when a smart yard meant just having a square of lawn and maybe a picket fence. Now, homeowners want to enrich their yard with features that draw the eye and create a stimulating outdoor living area. 

Installing a privacy fence can make your yard feel more like an outdoor living area than a plain backyard. Enclosing the space and making it secluded can create an upmarket feeling.

An attractive privacy fence will not only make your yard feel fancy, but it can also be an attractive feature in and of itself. 

Because of this, it pays to devote thought to what look and feel you want for your outdoor area. Do you want to create a crisp, sleek feeling? If so, vinyl fencing could be the perfect option. 

On the other hand, maybe you want to veer towards a modern boho theme? In this case, a wood fence might tie in perfectly. 

Or perhaps your privacy fencing design inspiration leans more traditional? Stone fencing could be the perfect element to pull this off. 

7. Privacy Fences Help Delineate Property Boundaries

Another of the big advantages of a privacy fence is it helps to delineate property borders. 

Property lines are a common source of contention.

Is your neighbor cutting their lawn border closer and closer to your home? Putting garbage out on your border? Or worse, parking their vehicles half onto your grass?

Subtle things like this can grow into property encroachment over time. If your neighbor continually cuts their lawn border two feet into your property, at some point this can result in everyone assuming that’s where their property extends to. 

If you are certain when the boundaries of your property are, delineating it with a privacy fence clearly establishes where your neighbor’s property ends and where yours begins. 

If you are unsure of the border, the best thing to do is hire a surveyor. They will be able to tell you exactly where the boundary is. Once this is clearly demarcated with a fence, you won’t need to argue with the neighbor on border placement. 

There are lots of border disputes (like tree shadowing) that are hard to resolve. Border placement doesn’t have to be one of these. 

8. An Privacy Fence Can Increase Your Home’s Value in Buyer’s Eyes

One of the long-term benefits of a privacy fence is it can increase your home’s value in buyers’ eyes. 

Installing a privacy fence won’t necessarily net you a high ROI. But, it can make your property more attractive and up-market looking to prospective buyers. 

According to Architectural Digest, homeowners can boost their home’s resale value by 5% to 12% if they spruce up outdoor areas. Adding a home privacy fence can give your outdoor space that luxurious and exclusive edge that will stand out in buyers’ minds.

If privacy is important to a buyer, it also means that they won’t have to go through the expense and hassle of erecting a fence themselves. For some buyers, the less they have to do to a property, the better, and an already erected fence can be a good selling point. 

In the meantime, before you sell, you get to enjoy your yard in peace and privacy. It’s a win-win. 

9. Theft Deterrent

One of the reasons for a privacy fence installation is security. Although privacy fences aren’t always built specifically for security, they can help deter theft. 

The less visibility there is into your property, the less temptation there is for theft.

Do you have nice items in your outdoor areas? If these are on display for the public to see, there’s always a chance that someone might get the idea to their head that they could make off with something when you’re not around. 

If your outdoor items are shielded from view, this reduces the chance of them catching the eye of someone passing by. 

If an intruder can’t see into your yard, they’ll also be less able to monitor your activities and plan escape routes. 

Besides this, if the privacy fence you install is sturdy and well built, it can also make it harder for people to enter your yard. Even if your fence doesn’t include hardcore security elements like razor wire, it can still discourage intruders. 

Getting over a 6-foot privacy fence is a lot harder than stepping over a picket fence. 

10. You Might Not Need a Permit

One of the final advantages of a privacy fence is that you might not need a permit for it. 

If you live in a densely populated area, most fence installations require a permit. However, depending on the type, placement, and height of your home privacy fence, this is the one type of fence where a permit might not be necessary. 

That said, you should always check with your town’s building inspector and enquire at the local hall about fencing permits. Fencing permit requirements vary between states and local jurisdictions. It’s always best to verify the requirements before going ahead with erecting a fence. 

Double-checking permit requirements is key if you want to have a smooth fence installation. 

If you do have to obtain a permit, this shouldn’t be an issue as long as you follow due procedure and adhere to any placement or height requirements.

Start by finding out what’s required in your application. You might need to gain the approval of neighbors or submit a sketch of your property. 

Try to start the application process as early as possible so approval delays or waiting periods don’t hold up your privacy fence project. 

Are You Looking to Install a Privacy Fence?

Privacy fences make outdoor spaces more peaceful and secluded. A privacy fence can also be the transformative factor between having a standard yard, and an up-market outdoor living area. 

Do you want to install a privacy fence?

Butte Fence has been serving clients and going the extra yard for 25 years. We now offer the largest inventory of fencing, decks, and patio covers and are one of the most trusted fencing suppliers in Idaho. 

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