Wrought Iron Fence Install: Everything You Need to Know

wrought iron fence install

During the COVID pandemic, home remodeling projects exploded across the country. Fence installation and repair alone is up 166 percent. With summer upon us, people are looking for ways to improve backyard gatherings and enhance social events.

Wrought iron has been a staple of fencing and railings for centuries. It remains a popular product today, and for some very good reasons.

If you are considering a wrought iron fence install, it is important to understand the steps involved. These fences are very straightforward to put in, but you need to know what you are doing.

The information below explains many of the benefits of wrought iron as a fencing product. It also lays out the steps for installing one. Keep reading to find out more about wrought iron fencing and whether you should attempt the task yourself or leave it up to a professional.

Benefits of a Wrought Iron/Ornamental Fence Install

Wrought iron is versatile. It can have a classic or a modern design. This makes it easy to find an option that fits your home’s style. Besides basic designs, you also can find retailers that offer custom-made wrought iron fences.

Wrought iron fences can provide security to your yard and home. They also can increase your property’s value. Both due to elegance and endurance, home buyers know that a wrought iron fence will be there for a long time.

One downside to wrought iron fencing is cost. The materials will be pricier than many other types of fencing. Yet these upfront costs can be offset by a few other attributes: durability and limited maintenance.

Wrought iron fencing will last much longer than other types, especially wood. You also can expect it to stand up to wear and tear, including being struck by objects or vehicles.

In the event of these accidents, you likely will not have to worry about fence repair. In short, an iron fence will function and look great for decades, even under duress.

Even though wrought iron is one of the sturdiest fencing products, it is easy to install. While there is the option for custom products, most wrought iron fencing comes in panels.

This makes for a quick and straightforward wrought iron fence install. This also means that labor for a wrought iron fence installation cost is among the lowest.

Wrought Iron/Ornamental Fence Installation

Before installing a fence, take a look at building codes in your area. See if you need a permit from your municipality or permission from your homeowner’s association (or if they have certain fence restrictions).

Take an accurate measurement of how much fencing you will need for the project. Also, take this opportunity to identify and label any underground utilities.

After you buy materials, the first step is to set the stakes at each point where your fence will change direction. Run a string between these to establish the line your fence will follow.

Next, dig holes at least ⅓ the height of posts. For example, if you have six-foot fence posts, the hole should be at least two feet in depth.

Set the posts with concrete and ensure that they remain level and plum with the fenceline. Wrought iron is very heavy, so you might let the concrete harden for several days before proceeding. Click here if you want more tips on how to install a wrought iron fence in concrete.

After the posts are stable, install the fence panels. This involves assembling brackets with screws. These too may settle after installation, so wait several days or a week before installing gates.

Consider Hiring a Professional

While many people enjoy doing home projects, and a DIY fence installation can be fun, there are some reasons to leave it up to the pros. One is that they can give you advice on the type of fence for your unique landscape and intended uses. While you may have your heart set on a particular kind of fence, professionals can explain different options and layouts.

As mentioned, wrought iron fence installation is pretty straightforward. Of course, some tools are required. If you have to go out and buy several tools that you don’t think you’ll use again, you could break even or even save money by hiring someone.

Another reason to consider going with a professional is that you know they will do the job right. They also can navigate any unforeseen problems.

Have Your Fence Installed Today

Now that you understand the basic steps for a wrought iron fence install, you can decide if this product is right for you. Remember that, if you are uncomfortable with any of the steps in the installation process, you might consider leaving the job up to a trained professional. This will ensure that your fence is secure, stable, and will last for a very long time. For more than 25 years, Butte Fence has been serving the Treasure and Magic Valleys areas, as well as parts of southeastern Oregon and northern Nevada. We have one of the most extensive inventories in the region. Come visit our showroom or reach out to us to see how we can help meet your commercial or residential fencing needs.

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