Why Choose SimTek and RhinoRock Concrete Fencing?

Idaho populates over 1.7 million people, among which most are homeowners. More homeowners mean more housing, and more housing means more fences. If you’re among the 70.6 percent of homeowners in Idaho, it’s time to consider concrete fencing.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s easy to associate the word concrete with paved roads and driveways. 

Concrete for fences doesn’t give off that same cold, practical feel—unless you want it to! There are many types of fence materials and concrete’s too often overlooked.

Read on to find out why concrete fencing’s right for you.

Why Concrete Fencing?

Concrete fences are the unsung heroes of fence materials. Whether you’re a new or long-time homeowner, you’re likely familiar with the following kinds of fences.

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal

You may see concrete fences by landmarks, commercial buildings, parks, or other elegant architecture. What if we told you you can have that elegance all for yourself? Why not gift yourself with an upscale stone privacy fence?

Benefits of Concrete Fencing

Concrete fencing is sure to outlast most other materials. It’s durable, beautiful, and practical. 

You might still be imagining a concrete mixer in your yard creating a sloppy mess. Not to fear. Here’s how it works.

Our RhinoRock concrete walls is a light-weight concrete material that’s 90 percent lighter than other concrete fences. The RhinoRock composite ensures the following fencing benefits.

  1. Noise reduction
  2. Graffiti and stain resistance
  3. Weather resistance
  4. Increased privacy
  5. Heightened property value
  6. Better security for kids and pets
  7. Better wildlife protection 
  8. Improved longevity
  9. Little to no maintenance
  10. Beautification 

Other fence materials are subject to bending, warping, and cracking for different reasons. Concrete fences can get clean with a hose. No more worries about sagging, rotting, chipping, or repainting.

Idaho Climate Loves Concrete Fences

Idaho has four seasons, which means installing fences that endure them all. The true test of a good fence is one that withstands the elements. It lives outside, after all, and it’s meant to protect you from nature’s agenda.

Living in unpredictable climates means needing a stable, predictable fence material like concrete.

Safety and security are among every human’s basic needs. Homes are for feeling safe. If you’ve experienced the following concerns, it’s time for a concrete fence.

  • Lack of boundaries with neighbors
  • Previously burdensome fences
  • Harsh weather
  • Animal life activity in the yard
  • Not being able to watch your kids or pets with confidence
  • A desire or need to increase home value
  • Unstable home security
  • Desire to beautify

Naming why you need a new fence helps clarify what you want it to look like. 

Concrete Fence Construction

Now that you’ve committed to a concrete fence, you might get stuck in the DIY research rabbit hole. If you’ve found yourself researching, how much concrete for fence posts? we’ve got you covered.

There are many home DIY projects that can save you time and money. Concrete fencing is not one of them.

Working with professionals makes sure your concrete rock wall gives you the comfort, security, and strength it’s meant to. Using a strong material without the right technology, team, and expertise can defeat the purpose.

The SimTek™ fence has a lifetime product warranty too, which can’t happen with DIY projects. If you’re just researching concrete fence posts to get ideas, that we can help you with!

Rock Wall Considerations

Fences are among many home’s accessories. Like any home upgrade, both design and function are important.

Ask yourself:

  • What color best supports the home? Do I want a contrasting or complementary color?
  • What’s the home’s aesthetic? Rustic, modern, or contemporary?
  • What will the fence communicate? Do I want something inviting or declarative?
  • How tall should it be? Might an HOA that can impact this decision?
  • What goes well with the community I live in? What do the neighbors use?
  • What feels best? What does your intuition say?  

These factors can help you learn your preferences. Depending on the style of home, there are vast concrete fence design options. A modern concrete fence may not look the same as that of an old, historical home.

Might your fence wrap around your whole house? Just the front? How can concrete fences solidify your home experience?

Fence Psychology

Getting a fence installed is empowering. It’s a way to establish your space.

The white picket fence is a historical symbol of the American Dream. Having a fenced-in yard fuels a societal notion of success. As such, there’s a psychological component to fence installations.

The color of your fence has an impact too. Colors naturally affect our mood.

What color did you choose to paint your house? Your concrete fence color’s another time to revisit a deeper motive.

If you want something calming, try a shade of blue. If you prefer coming home to something energetic, reds are the way to go. Greys and whites can be dull, neutral, or purifying depending on your relationship with them.

Exploring the meaning of colors and fencing can help you think holistically about your options. Settle into your home deeper with a concrete fence.

Butte Fence for the Win

Homes are extensions of ourselves. They represent our personality and style, and they house all our experiences. For that reason, home upgrades are big decisions.

Concrete fencing is an easy choice for Idaho homes. They’re decorative, elegant, and strong all at once.

For 25 years, Butte Fence has made homes more cohesive. Bridging fencing, decks, and patio covers helps piece together your ideal home feel.

We know the value of quality installations. The long-term impact of safety and peace at home is priceless. Call us today to see how a concrete fence can be your next dream come true!

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