Want a Fence That Looks Like Stone? Choose Simtek.

fence that looks like stone

If you’re considering fence installation for your Treasure Valley or Magic Valley home and want a more natural-looking yard, consider a fence that looks like stone! These fences are able to blend in with the natural environment around your home if you’re not a fan of the minimal look of plain white fences.

Even better, the material makes them easier to maintain than wood fences and provides additional benefits that you may not even be considering.   

With this in mind, read on to learn everything you need to know all about SimTek fence installation and the benefits you can enjoy. 

What is a SimTek Fence? 

SimTek was founded in 2007 with a goal to reinvent the fence manufacturing industry by offering something new to customers. These fences are made out of polyethylene, but they use the patented Ecostone technology in order to manufacture fences that look like actual stone. From the texture to the color, these fences are able to realistically simulate the look of real stone without looking cheap or degrading over time. 

What Are the Benefits of a SimTek Fence? 

Besides having the natural appearance of stone bordering your property, there are a variety of benefits that you can enjoy with SimTek fences. Here are just a few: 


One of the top benefits of these fences is that they’re durable and tough. These fences boast patented construction with a proprietary blend of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). Inside, they’re also reinforced with galvanized steel.

This makes them capable of standing up to extreme drops or rises in temperatureā€“no matter your location. UV12 inhibitors also make it fade resistant in the sun, so you don’t have to hesitate about getting a darker color that you enjoy.


Much like natural stone fences, SimTek fences require little to no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about them warping, fading, or cracking due to moisture damage or the sun.

We’re also impressed by how easy they are to clean. Even if you have paint or graffiti that’s marring the surface of the fence, all you need to use is a pressure washer in order to keep it looking brand new again.

Instant Privacy

If you’re installing a fence around your yard primarily for privacy, a SimTek fence is one of your best options. This is because there are no gaps or separations in the surface of the fence at all. A person would have to climb up the fence in order to get a look at your property. Even better, you can choose multiple sizes for your fence, making it nearly impossible to climb these fences without gear.

Sound Barrier

An aspect of fences that people often don’t think about is that they can block sound as well. If you live near a busy highway or road, a SimTek fence can block nearly 98% of sound because it has a sound transmission class (STC) of 26.

To give you some perspective, natural wood fencing is only able to block 70% of sound. If you’re looking for a reduction in traffic noise, we recommend purchasing a fence with polyethylene material over wood! 

Easy Installation

Another major benefit of SimTek fences is how easy the installation is. Mounting brackets are available for any lines, ends, and corners for seamless installation. Installing the entire fence can take as little as two days depending on the size of your property.

This is because all that’s required is deciding on the layout of your fence, digging deep post holes, and setting those holes with concrete once the posts are vertical. Proper installation will ensure that your fence is able to withstand high winds and turbulent weather, which is why we recommend opting to hire a professional to install your fence rather than doing it yourself.

Increased Value

Installing a SimTek fence may benefit you in the long run by boosting the value of your home. The increased privacy, lower traffic noise, and durability that these fences offer can pass on benefits to the next homeowners. The natural look of SimTek fences can also boost your home’s curb appeal, drawing in potential buyers and improving the landscaping. 

Colors and Sizes

Last but not least, these fences come in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can customize them based on your home’s current aesthetics. There are five different color options: 

  • Brown granite
  • Gray granite
  • Beige granite
  • Dark brown graniteĀ 
  • Black granite

They also come in a variety of lengths and widths. For instance, if you’re looking for the optimal amount of privacy for your property, you can opt for a fence that’s 18 feet tall and six feet wide. They can also be as small as three feet tall and six feet wide.  

Purchasing a Fence That Looks Like Stone

When it comes to purchasing a fence that looks like stone, you’re able to acquire all the benefits of a natural fence without the hassle. SimTek is created from material that doesn’t warp or fade over time, and it requires little to no maintenance.

With easy installation and a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, this makes it easier than ever for homeowners to find a fence that suits the exterior of their home and yard. Plus, it can take as little as two days for your fence to be installed. Ready to look into your own SimTek fence and want to work with a reputable fence installation company that can get you started stress-free? Schedule a custom fence installation with us today!

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