Patio covers - Custom Designed

Butte Fence patio covers are custom designed using traditional or special louver styles. They have structural steel inside the beams and can be installed on concrete, in the ground, on a patio or deck. patio covers are available in tan or white. Our trained patio cover installers will professionally complete the installation of your patio cover or provide materials for those who would like to construct their own.

Patio Covers for Residential or Commercial Use

Butte Fence vinyl patio covers are custom built for each home or business. Our two basic designs use either a 2x2 shade slat or a 1x3 slat for a louver patio cover. The 2x2 design is similar to most wood structures. This design provides a more layered look and is the best style to create curves with the patio cover. The louver style patio cover is unique and the installer is able to route a louver pattern into the joists to accommodate the 1x3 slats. This style offers more complete shade and clean simple lines.

Free Standing or Mounted to Existing Building Structure Patio Covers

Either style generally uses a frame consisting of a 2x6 vinyl header and 2x4 vinyl joists. Both of these base members have structural steel inside. Posts can be mounted on concrete, wood decks, or even in the ground. Patio covers can be attached to the house or be free standing. These durable vinyl patio covers accomodate hanging planters or porch swings. The variations of these basic patio covers designs have been displayed in the photo gallery for you're viewing pleasure.

Solid Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Covers with a traditional style "twin V" roof panel and extruded gutter design which is simple, attractive and economical. They are low maintenance with an all aluminum design with optional steel beam reinforcement for larger spans. Limited Lifetime Warranty on materials and paint finish and product engineering to help with your permit process. Up to a 20' projection and any length available.

Flat Pan Aluminum Patio Covers

The Flat Pan aluminum patio cover is made out of an aluminum alloy folded into U shape panels that connect to one another with a special tongue and groove system. It is highly durable to weather damages but unpermitted to walk on. This type of patio cover is very affordable and provides a clean and smooth ceiling, which makes it more popular among homeowners.

Visit the galleries of custom patio covers Butte Fence has built. You can view each picture by clicking an image below to enter the online presentation of our custom patio covers for decks and patios galleries.