Do I Need a Fence Replacement? 7 Signs

fence replacement

Is your fence looking a little run down? Does it look like it’s about to keel over? Wondering whether it’s time to replace your fence? 

It just might be. But before you get antsy, you need to look for the signs. So, without further ado, here are 7 signs that you need fence replacement in The Treasure Valley or The Magic Valley in Idaho. 

1. Is Your Fence Leaning?

A common sign that a fence has bitten the proverbial dust is that it’s leaning drastically in one direction or the other. When this occurs, it can be due to a number of reasons. 

For one, the fence posts themselves could be warped. This happens after years of consistent water exposure. It can’t be repaired and would require a full-on replacement. 

Another factor that could cause fence leaning is cracked cement at the base of the fence posts. Note, this is a problem that can be repaired. However, if it’s present in many of the cement bases, a full fence replacement is the better course of action. 

In any case, have your fence inspected by a professional fencing contractor. He or she will assess the damage and determine the best course of action. 

2. Is Your Fence Cracked?

Another sign that could indicate the need for a wooden fence replacement is a cracked fence. Cracks are a problem not only because they’re ugly but because they compromise the fence’s structural integrity. Over time, they can cause a fence to fall apart. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that every tiny crack requires immediate attention. However, if the crack is longer than 3 or 4 inches, something needs to be done.

In many cases, you can actually fill in the crack with wood filler. In other cases, you need only to replace the affected fence panels. In the worst of cases, however, a full-on fence replacement is called for. 

If you need help replacing fence panels or if you’re looking to replace your fence entirely, your local fencing contractor can assist you. 

3. Does Your Fence Contain Holes?

It’s not only the cracks that you need to look out for. You need to keep your eyes open for holes as well. If there are holes in your wood fence, it’s likely being attacked by termites. 

Termite damage is slow and insidious. However, one day you could wake up to find that it destroyed your fence entirely. 

The better bet is to act now. Start by replacing affected fencing panels. Then, take measures to repel termites in the future. 

Need help with the endeavor? Look no further than your local wood fence replacement company. 

4. Are There Roots Growing Into Your Fence?

One of the biggest destroyers of fences is tree roots. Once a tree root makes contact with a fence post, there’s no question about it: it’s going to win. Soon enough, the fence post will be cracked at its base and bring the rest of the fence down with it. 

As such, if there are, indeed, tree roots growing into your fence, you’ll need to replace the affected area. In between the tearing down of the current portion and the installment of the new portion, you’ll also need to deal with the tree. Odds are, you’ll need to dig it up. 

Unfortunately, there’s no other solution to this problem. So, if you’re installing a fence fresh, you need to determine whether there are any trees that you might have to worry about in the future. 

5. Is Your Fence Serving Your Purposes?

When you install a fence, it’s for a reason. It might be to provide your home with more security; it might be to provide your home with more privacy; maybe you’re even trying to confine your dog. 

That may have been true when you first installed the fence. But what if it’s not anymore? What if you need your fence to serve a new purpose?

The only legitimate option is to replace it. For instance, let’s say your wrought iron fence isn’t able to confine your toy poodle. To make up for this, you might have to replace your wrought iron fence with a wood fence instead. 

Call up your local fencing company and discuss your conundrum. They’ll be able to brainstorm with you and help you figure out what your next course of action should be. 

6. Is Your Fence Missing Posts or Panels?

Another sign that it might be time to replace your fence is that it’s missing posts or panels. See, each post and panel serves to provide structure to the fence. If one is missing, the others will have to take its part, subjecting them to unnecessary stress and causing them to bend one way or the other. 

At the very least, you should replace the missing posts or panels. But if they’ve been missing for a few years, it might be a better idea to replace your fence completely. 

7. Does Your Fence Look Bad?

There doesn’t need to be anything wrong with your fence’s functionality in order to justify a replacement. Having poor looks alone is reason enough to replace a fence. After all, if your fence looks bad, it’s going to drag down the aesthetic of your entire property. 

So, if you’re not pleased with the appearance of your fence, make the change. There are all sorts of great-looking fences out there on the market today. There’s sure to be one that suits your property. 

Need Professional Fence Replacement in Treasure and Magic Valley, Idaho?

Are you noticing any of the signs above? Do you need professional fence replacement in The Treasure Valley or Magic Valley, Idaho? If so, we here at Butte Fence are the people to see. 

We’ve replaced countless fences throughout The Treasure Valley and The Magic Valley area. Regardless of the material you’re looking to use, we can accommodate you. Contact us today to get the process started!

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