7 Factors to Consider Before Fence Installation Day

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Are you planning on improving your home’s curb appeal and security simultaneously? If so, fence installation is the best option.

A fence will keep off intruders, ensuring your property is safe. A new fence will also ensure your children and pets are safe. Besides, if you plan to sell your home, the fence will increase your home’s value.

However, when installing your fence, you must be cautious. Slight mistakes such as the wrong fence type will waste your money and time. If fence installation is something you are not familiar with, it’s better to hire fence contractors.

However, whether you hire a fence installation expert or not, there are preparations to make before the fence installation day. These preparations should help you choose a fence to match your needs and budget.

Besides, the fence installation near me will come together rather easily with the right set of plans in place. Therefore, do you know the elements to pay attention to before installing a fence? If not, worry no more.

Here are the 7 factors to consider before fence installation day.

1. Understand Why You Need the Fence

The reason for installing the fence will determine the type of fence you choose. A fence style aimed at increasing privacy will differ from that aimed at keeping your pets safe.

Thus, before investing in a fence, understand why you need it. Ensure to invest in a fence type that will suit your needs. It would be unfortunate to go for a fence with an aesthetic appeal and not offer your kids and pets the much-needed safety.

2. Find Materials Best Suited for You

Fences come in a variety of materials and styles. The type of material the fence is made of determines its life span. Besides, the fence style affects the aesthetic appeal of your home.

In some cases, people go for a fence made of wood. It might be a readily available material, but it might not be the best option for you. Wood requires upkeep and regular maintenance to keep it in peak condition.

If you have a busy schedule, you might not put up with the work needed to maintain the wood fencing. Therefore, before choosing a fence, pay attention to the material used.

If you want a fence that will offer privacy and is easy to maintain, a vinyl fence might be the best option. By spraying down a vinyl fence with a hose, you can make it look pristine all year round.

Also, some vinyl fences can be made to look like wood. If wood and vinyl are still not your favorites, you can invest in other fence installation options. However, ensure to invest in durable fence materials that will suit your needs.

3. Consider Your Climate

The climate is a factor ignored by most homeowners while choosing a fence. If you ignore your area’s climate, your fence will not last long. If you live in cold areas, you must pay attention to the frost line.

You have to use concrete anchors placed at a minimum depth of around 24-36 inches to offer the required support. Otherwise, if you fail to do so, come winter, your fence will lose stability and move from its original position.

If you reside in warm and wetter areas, you should stay away from wood fencing. High temperatures accompanied by wet conditions accelerate wood rotting. It’s better to install a vinyl fence if you live in such areas. Vinyl can withstand temperate weather conditions. Besides, it’s easy to maintain. 

Thus, to avoid installing a fence that won’t last for long, thoroughly examine your area’s weather conditions.

4. Know Your Property

When installing your dream fence, the last thing you want is to get into a brawl with your neighbors over the property boundary. Thus, it would be best to do your homework to determine your property line.

Ensure to involve your neighbors before implementing your project. They will help you determine the precise location of your property line. You will also need to pay attention to your area’s building codes and regulations.

Depending on the property location, you might be restricted on the type of fence or where to build it. If you have a sewer near your home, you might not be allowed to build a fence over it. To avoid facing the state or city authorities, ensure to research properly on building codes and abide by them.

It’s also important you check with your neighbor’s association. Some homeowner’s associations have specific requirements for the fence’s material, height, and color.

5. Create a Budget for Your Fence Installation

Before investing on your fence, determine the amount you are willing and capable of spending. It would be unfortunate if you run out of money when the fence installation project is halfway.

Thus, you must first determine the type of material you will use and its cost. In most cases, the material’s cost will depend on the pieces of the material needed, length, and height.

It would be best to consider other costs beyond those of raw materials. If you hire a fence installation company, you must include the company’s fee in your budget.

If you want your fence painted, ensure to include the painting cost. Having all costs factored in will get the required funds to see the project through.

6. Create a Landscaping Plan

Before investing in a fence, you should pay attention to your existing landscaping. Bushes, trees, and tree roots can be obstacles to fence installation.

If you don’t want to get rid of trees and bushes, it means you must be creative with your fence design. This would lead to an increase in the fence material needed and cost.

You should also consider the future landscaping plans you have. To ensure such plans blend well with your fence, have them factored in during fence installation.

7. Hire Professionals

To be guaranteed quality fence installation results, it’s better to hire professionals. With the right experience and training, professionals will help you choose fencing material that matches your needs and budget.

But when hiring a fencing company, be keen. Ensure to check on experience and reputation. Read reviews on sites such as Better Business Bureau to determine the quality of services offered.

Consider the Above Factors Before Fence Installation Day

Fence installation is an excellent way to improve the ambience and security of your home. However, if you fail to make the right preparations before installing the fence, you will have wasted your money and time.

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