6 Tips on Hiring Chain Link Fence Companies for Repairs

chain link fence companies

You’ve had your chain link fence for years. It’s still holding up reasonably well, but it’s showing signs of deterioration. As such, you’re currently searching for chain link fence companies that can facilitate repairs. 

The question is: how do you find the right company for repairing chain link fences? The key is to utilize the following tips. 

1. Use Google

You should start your search with Google. Get onto the website and type in something to the effect of “chain link fence repair near me” or “fence repair company near me.” This should return a long list of viable candidates. 

Comb through these candidates and determine which ones are the best. Use reviews and ratings from past customers to do this (they should be right next to the names of the companies). 

During this step, you should create a shortlist of candidates, anywhere from 5 to 10 candidates in total. Write this list on a piece of paper and move on to the following tips. 

2. Determine Experience

While experience isn’t the end-all-be-all, it does make a difference. Generally speaking, there’s a threshold of experience that a company should meet before you start to take it seriously. If it’s under this threshold, it shouldn’t be given much consideration. 

Why is experience in the field so important? For one, it provides a company with the chance to iron out mistakes. If a company has no experience, it’s bound to make mistakes during your project instead of on a project before yours. 

Experience is also important in that it provides a company the chance to hone its operational processes. This includes everything from receiving payment to getting permits to providing quality customer service and more. 

At a minimum, the company you choose should have 2 years of experience in the field. This is typically enough time for a company to perfect its skills and business operations. 

3. Ask About Cost

When it comes to fencing repair costs, not all companies are created equal. In fact, there can be hundreds of dollars in variation from company to company. That’s not something to play fast and loose with. 

As such, before choosing a fencing repair company, you need to compare repair costs. Now, how do you go about comparing repair costs? It’s as simple as calling different companies up and asking them for estimates on the work that you need to have done. 

Any reputable company will provide you with an itemized estimate the second you ask for one. If a company refuses you an estimate, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Note, you should never hire a company without first receiving an estimate. Doing so could subject you to a surprisingly large bill shortly, one that could put a sizable dent in your bank account. 

4. See a License

In Idaho, there is no specific licensure needed for general contractors (that counts fence repair specialists). Note that if a fence repair company is working professionally, it needs to be licensed as a business. 

If a company doesn’t possess a business license, it operates illegally and should be avoided at all costs. 

Now, how do you determine whether a specific company has such a license? All you have to do is use the Idaho license lookup tool.

Type in the name of your prospective hire and see if a license shows up. If it does, that company is good to go. If it doesn’t, you should look elsewhere. 

5. Ask for Proof of Insurance

When you hire a company to repair your fence for you, you’re essentially asking that company to do heavy-duty work on your property. It should come as no surprise that said company could cause damage to parts of your home, business, or yard. 

The key here is to be covered against that damage. This is why, before hiring a company, you need to ask for proof of insurance. 

You need to see proof of general liability insurance and proof of workers’ compensation insurance as well. The former will protect you from paying for damage that the fence company does to your property. The latter will protect you from having to pay for injuries that occur to the fence company’s employees on your property. 

6. Get a Feel for Reputation

When it comes to hiring a company, getting a feel for its reputation is hugely important. This is because, generally speaking, if a company has a good reputation, it’s going to provide good service in the future. On the other hand, if it has a bad reputation, it will likely provide poor service in the future. 

There are a few ways to get a feel for a company’s reputation. That said, the easiest way is to look up customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and other such sites. 

Not only can these reviews help you to get a consensus opinion of each company on your list, but they can also help to answer questions that you might have. 

Read through each review and see if you’re satisfied with the company’s service in the past. If you are, the company is probably a safe bet. 

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